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Hiring a marketing firm for your digital marketing effort is a leap of faith. While you’re ultimately hiring another company, it’s the individual members of that group who will help you reach your goals. You’re hiring members of your team, each of whom will influence your success. At Pixel/Point Press, we work seamlessly with your existing marketing staff to expand your resources and conquer the social web. We are a boutique firm providing integrated digital marketing solutions for companies seeking to maximize their web presence. Our team provides customer-oriented services while delivering creative and effective results.

  • We believe in the power of web-based connections to elevate and amplify our clients’ messaging.
  • We believe in clever content and campaigns to distinguish our clients as authoritative sources at the pinnacle of their respective markets.
  • We believe in nourishing community engagement to build trust and influence with people and search engines alike.

Let us help you make the most of your web presence. What makes Pixel/Point Press stand out from other marketing agencies? One-on-one attention from a skilled professional dedicated to your company. We provide individualized, hands-on attention to your marketing, from initial planning sessions to engagement and analytics. Learn what our team of skilled professionals can do for your visibility and engagement online.

Founded in 2009, Pixel/Point Press is a growing company based in Modiin, Israel, and providing social media and SEO services to companies around the globe.

Don’t take our word for it! Read what our clients have to say about our dedication to service.

We’re expanding to meet the needs of our growing client base and providing a broader range of services with staff members dedicated to each niche in the digital marketing spectrum. We’re always hiring, so please contact us to learn more about digital marketing jobs based in Israel.

kelli brown, pixel point press kate stern, pixel point press abbi-adest

Kelli Brown

CEO & Lead Consultant

Kate Stern

Content & Social Media Manager

Abbi Adest

Content & SEO Manager

bat-ami frankel, pixel point press leah kaplan, pixel point press

Bat-Ami Frankel

Content & Social Media Manager

Leah Kaplan

Social Media Strategist
Director of Business Development

In addition to our local team members above, Pixel/Point Press works with a network of consultants in several countries to cover a wider span of working hours and languages.

Our Partners

jackie goldstein, pixel point press

Jackie Goldstein

Renaissance Computer Systems