Popping the Question: Is Your Audience Engaged?

engagement-social-mediaIn the world of digital marketing, reaching out to fans, followers and connections via social media platforms is a basic, everyday requirement. But how do you measure who is connecting to your shout into the void? The answer is: engagement. [Read more...]

What The Best SEOs Have Up Their Sleeves – Tips and Tricks

seo-tips-tricks-smx-israelEarlier this year I attended  the annual SMX Israel conference.  The most “nuts and bolts” session that I attended was “SEOs Give Up Their Best Ideas.” This session was designed to simply provide a rapid-fire supply of search marketing tips and techniques from top SEOs. I am happy to share some of my favorite tips from each speaker. [Read more...]

Pinterest Case Study: How Etsy Finds the Needle in the Haystack

pinterest case study etsyIn this edition of “Why we love Pinterest, and why you should too,” we’ll look at how Etsy has used the platform to grow, engage people and ultimately, make more money for their individual sellers.

Etsy is an online marketplace in which artists from around the world can sell their wares. Representing thousands of artists from hundreds of countries, the sheer number of products available is overwhelming. Although most of us work on a much smaller scale, Etsy has been held up as a business that is using Pinterest successfully. What can we learn from their example? Let’s look at this Pinterest case study. [Read more...]