Pinterest Case Study: Buzzfeed’s Source of Serious Traffic

With more than a quarter of a million followers, Buzzfeed's Pinterest following drives serious traffic to the site

With more than a quarter of a million followers, Buzzfeed’s Pinterest following drives serious traffic to the site

If you spend any time online, you’re probably familiar with Buzzfeed, a great source of timely articles, fun videos and quizzes. But did you know that, according to Buzzfeed’s VP of Growth and Data, Dao Nguyen, “Pinterest is BuzzFeed’s second largest social network referrer”? (Pinterest for Business) [Read more…]

Setting Realistic Expectations for Social Engagement with Benchmarking

benchmarking-social-media-metricsBeginning a new enterprise is always exciting! Whether you’ve taken on a new client, are joining a project already in progress, or are starting from scratch, you probably have expectations about what kind of growth you anticipate. (But wait, did you first identify your digital marketing goals?)

We’ve already discussed engagement – or how to tell if you’re reaching your fans and followers. You can plot your progress as the months go by, to see if you’re gaining an audience and if they’re interacting with your posts and messages.

Another tool to use is benchmarking, where you set goals for your growth, and perhaps take a peek into how your competitors are doing in order to refine your aspirations.

Is the Sky Really the Limit?

What kind of growth can you expect? How many potential followers are out there?

A good way to see if you’re on track with your goals is to compare your social media accounts to others in your field. Check out competitors’ pages to see not only how many fans or followers they have but what is engaging them. See if you can determine what characterizes their high-engagement posts.  Tristan Handy, in this guest post for Social Media Explorer, notes that “outliers,” posts that have an extra boost of engagement, can add fresh perspective to an overall social media plan.

Find Your Own Growth Curve

In this post from Quintly, Sarah Gottschling explains the advantages of comparative benchmarking with others in the same market, but warns of simply adopting the methodology of competitors, which can create missteps and wind up alienating your hard-won fans.

Measuring social media success is a long-term process that isn’t simply raw numbers. (Fans who follow or like but don’t engage afterwards may be unfavorable to your Facebook reach.) Tracking month-over-month growth and analyzing the success — or failure — of individual posts, campaigns, photos, polls, or tweets will help you refine your social media offerings in order to reach your goals.

Have you used benchmarking as a way to refine your social strategy? Tell us about it!

Your Social Marketing Strategy: Execution and Measurement

social media strategy

In our post last week, we provided key questions to ask before embracing social media for your company and showed you how to assess which business and marketing objectives you should support with social marketing. This week, we’ll show you how to complete your plan, implement metrics to measure performance, execute your strategy and assess your successes and opportunities for improvement. [Read more…]