Google’s John Mueller on Mobile, Spam and Not Provided: SMX Israel Closing Keynote

John Mueller of Google Switzerland gave the closing keynote at SMX Israel, explaining the responsibilities of both Google and webmasters alike. In order to improve search quality while discouraging spammers, Google’s changing algorithms have been moving in the direction of favoring good content and good sites. Despite the 2013 Hummingbird update to Google, which he clarified was not a penalty, Mueller said: “We’re still manually fighting spam.” [Read more...]

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Using Context to Determine Intent

For those of you who do not use Google AdWords, you may not have realized that July 22, 2013, represented a huge shift! Google AdWords was put to bed and in its stead, Google rolled out “Enhanced Campaigns.”

adwords, enhanced campaigns, smx israel

Enhanced Campaigns example

ophir cohen, universal mccann searchAs Ophir Cohen of Universal McCann Search explained, the new campaigns allowed a system with which to unify all of your campaigns into one. Meaning a single campaign that allows you to target both computers and mobile devices. [Read more...]

Put Social Media to Work for You

social media, smx israel 2014One of the greatest parts of SMX is the passion. People really love what they do and what they’ve learned – and they come to SMX to share it!

A theme of this year’s conference seemed to be how to develop great content and how to share it, creating legitimate and long-lasting workarounds for the rules and algorithms that Google and Facebook roll out on a regular basis. Serving up your best content – on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ –should be a snap! [Read more...]