Getting Links: It’s All About Hustle and Relationships

Ari Nahmani of Kahena Digital Marketing, started off the session with his talk “Future Proof Link Earning: Automation, Acceleration & Seeding.” Note that he refers to earning links, rather than building links, and to do that you have to hustle. The idea here is that earned links are garnered through the placement of quality content on quality sites rather than buying them, trading for them or getting them in a smarmy way. [Read more...]

Search Marketing: The Year in Review and Predictions for 2014

Barry Schwartz kicked off an awesome day at SMX Israel with a keynote chock full of information and interesting perspectives on the year in search marketing and what’s ahead for 2014. Barry’s opening noted how Google algorithm updates “make the SEO community light up”—i.e., they force SEO marketers to deal with a constantly changing search landscape.

smx israel, barry schwartz

Barry Schwartz kicks off SMX Israel 2014 with his keynote

The focus then turned to the recent link wars and Google’s constant battle with link spammers and link networks such as Anglo Rank and Ghost Rank 2.0. Some legitimate sites such as BBC and Interflora also received penalties received penalties for “unnatural links,” mainly caused by user generated content or RSS scrapers. [Read more...]

How to Create Shareable Content with Ashley Tate and Clifton Flack

Many sessions at SMX Israel focused on content. After all, good, organic content is something that all the Google animals (Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird) and Facebook’s always evolving algorithms cannot take away.

There was an excellent tag-team in an afternoon session, “How to Create Shareable Content,” presented by Clifton Flack of Universal McCann Search and Ashley Tate of Big Door. [Read more...]