Your Social Marketing Strategy: Identifying Your Goals

social media strategy goalsSo you’ve decided your company needs some social media exposure. Great! Before you start spending time and money on your company Facebook or LinkedIn pages, we suggest you take the time to define your digital marketing goals and strategy.

Social media marketing is not only about tweets and blog posts – although those can be key digital marketing vehicles; it’s also about identifying fundamental business objectives and defining the best ways in which social media can help you achieve them. Taking the time initially to clarify and map out your approach means wasting less time and money later on, when you may realize all the work you’ve put into your blog or tweets isn’t doing much for your company’s bottom line. [Read more…]

Pinterest Promoted Pins: Now for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

pinterest promoted pinsEach time we perform a Google search, paid ads show up in our search results. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are interspersed with suggestions for people or businesses to follow. Now Pinterest has jumped on the bandwagon! Fittingly, Pinterest is beta-testing a “DIY” program to promote individual pins. (Although, unlike most other Pinterest projects, this will require far fewer mason jars and virtually no wooden pallets.)

During the fall of 2013, Pinterest allowed a limited number of large businesses (such as Expedia and Old Navy) to begin promoting individual pins. Now Pinterest is beta testing the service for its small- to-medium-sized business pages. The Promoted Pins program is a pay-per-click (PPC) model similar to Google Adwords. To complement the promoted pins program, Pinterest has improved its analytics. This gives Pinterest account managers better data to help them decide which pins are worth promoting, and gives the ability to track the click-through rates for each promoted pin. [Read more…]

Autoresponders 101: Your first steps into Email Newsletter Marketing

email newsletter autoresponder marketingAn autoresponder is a basic piece of software using in email marketing. It is a program that automatically sends a set of email messages, at fixed intervals, to a particular email address. In practice, when we talk about an email autoresponder program, we are referring to software that also manages email lists and subscriptions, in addition to the autoresponder functionality. These programs also offer design capabilities and analytics on the emails, such as which ones were opened, when they were opened, and which links inside the emails were clicked by the user. [Read more…]