Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization course, search engine optimization class, learn seo, learn search engine optimization, search marketing In today’s business market, having a well-designed engaging website is only part of the challenge. Learn how to improve the ranking of your site in Google and elicit more traffic from your targeted market of potential clients and influencers. Our search engine optimization (SEO) course will teach you the simple technical changes that provide the most improvement and help you tailor your marketing message to convert clients coming to your site through search.

Unlike other courses, this course caters to marketing executives, small business owners and consultants – all technical jargon will be explained thoroughly so that participants will be able to implement the suggestions given on their own. No prior web development or design knowledge is required.

Registration is first come, first served and must be paid in advance. For more information or to register, please contact us at

This course is geared toward:

  • Small business owners managing their own sites – fulfilling the role of webmaster
  • Marketing executives wanting to understand search engine ranking and improve overall site optimization
  • Individuals seeking an introductory class, combining marketing and technical aspects, on search engine optimization


  • Classes are taught in English
  • You do not need a laptop to attend
  • You will receive a receipt (cheshbonit mas/kablah)


  • NIS  750 +VAT for all four sessions
  • Early bird registration price of NIS 675 +VAT – registration must be received and paid in full by Sept. 29

Class outline:

An Introduction to SEO

  • Understanding SEO – why your site ranks
  • Web site structure for search engines
  • How search engines index your site
  • External factors – Geographic location and server types
  • Influencing factors – from Social Media to site speed

Getting to know Google (and the other search engines)

  • Understanding Google and PageRank
  • Search Engine Results Pages and their structure
  • Organic SEO vs. Paid Advertising – the big picture
  • Keyword research – tools and techniques for top results

Creating content

  • All about content – crafting content that appeals to humans and robots
  • Meta data – titles, keywords and descriptions
  • Headers and tags
  • Benefits of the blog and RSS feeds
  • Blocking content with robots.txt
  • All about links – anchor text optimization
Becoming a Webmaster
  • Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics
  • Launching a new site vs. optimizing an existing one
  • Mythbusting
  • Mistakes people make – and how to avoid them
  • Blackhat, whitehat and some things in between – the ethics of search optimization

Classes are taught by Kelli Brown, a web developer and graphic designer with 10 years of experience in web design, search engine optimization and web marketing. She has taught hundreds of students across Israel in social media, search engine optimization and website content management systems. Her successes in social media over the last five years began with blogging and continue with the latest tools – including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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