Going Social in 2013

On Thursday, Jan. 16, I had the pleasure of presenting a second time for the visiting directors of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. Their annual conference alternates between Israel and the U.S. This year, we were invited to Kibbutz Ein Gedi for the conference.

It was great to catch up with so many familiar faces and meet some new friends too. After that, we got down to business.

I think I can say that a lot of great information was learned, some new ideas were created and everyone will go home with something new to pursue. But – perhaps best of all – we all had a lot of very good laughs while we learned. [Read more…]

How to Bootstrap Your Small Business Marketing

bootstrap-small-business-web-marketingI had the pleasure of presenting at the MATI Jerusalem’s Business Showcase at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. My session focused on how to get your digital marketing plan up and running on a bootstrapped small business budget.

Thanks to all the participants who attended my session and peppered me with great questions before and after my presentation.

Still haven’t had enough? Join us on Jan. 6 at SMX Israel and meet our Israeli team. I’ll be on the Social Media Clinic panel scheduled for 11 a.m.

How to Build Online Engagement the Smart Way

global entrepreneurship week, modiin ventures, moshe porat, online engagementWe’re celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week here in Modiin with a series of evening presentations covering everything from social to gaming and everything in between. The seminars are organized by Moshe Porat of Modiin Ventures and draw from the BeerTech participants, among many others.

I was thrilled to give a short presentation on how to build online engagement – the smart way. My presentation is available on SlideShare. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. I hope you’ll pass it along to anyone who might find it interesting.

What’s your best tip for building an active fan base online?

An Introduction to Facebook – Tips for the Beginner

I had the pleasure of speaking for ESRA, the English Speaking Residents’ Association, today in Raanana. My presentation was an introduction to Facebook for absolute beginniners, and offers some tips on privacy settings and pitfalls to avoid.

You can view the presentation here and I hope you’ll give your feedback.

Demographic Data for LinkedIn Users in Israel

On February 1, I enjoyed watching a PowerPoint presentation on LinkedIn statistics and demographics. You can see how the membership breaks down along age, gender, title and geographic lines. I was a little saddened to see that the Middle East has a much larger presence among men on the network.

From Amodiovalerio Verde’s presentation, you can learn a lot about who’s using LinkedIn worldwide.

linkedin members by gender

What struck me was the image from his presentation – in the Middle East, we’re rather blue. And it got me to thinking, I wonder if Israel, as a separate segment, is the same way?

As a result, we went through and compiled the statistics for Israel alone. There are more than twice as many men as women on LinkedIn that have designated Israel as their location. That said, it would appear that many people do not disclose their gender or age.

The statistics are far from flawless, but at least they give us a peek within the system to see who’s using it.

I hope you enjoy our short demographic look at LinkedIn’s Israeli users. We’d love to hear your feedback.

The numbers are generated using LinkedIn’s advertising platform.

We also hope to do the same statistical reporting for Facebook soon. Enjoy the presentation and feel free to share!

Social media for recruiting and retention – five tips to get you started

I had the pleasure of presenting this morning at the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Directors Conference in Ashkelon, Israel. What a great audience! It’s such a pleasure to have an energetic group that’s as interested in learning and asking questions as I am in teaching and answering them.

I hope I hear from many of the participants again – there’s only so much one can cover in a short presentation, but I know this group has some fabulous opportunities when it comes to marketing themselves online.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about using social media as a tool for recruiting and retaining students, you can view my presentation below.

Facebook and SEO – my presentation from SphinnCon Israel 2011

I had the priviledge of presenting for quite a crowd today as part of the social and search panel at SphinnCon Israel 2011 at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem.

My presentation covered optimizing your Facebook page and website for Facebook search.


[Read more…]

Using social media to promote your small business: Blogging and LinkedIn

In September, I had the privilege of presenting for the Israel Translators Association at their annual general meeting. I was flattered when the ITA contacted me again asking me to give a similar presentation for their annual conference in Jerusalem.

I’m told that translators have some interesting challenges when it comes to marketing. Although companies regularly employ in-house translators to deal with localization, a big chunk of the market is handled by freelancers who own their own business. In many cases, the client doing the hiring cannot independently evaluate whether or not the work done is of a high quality, so it isn’t as easy as providing a portfolio of previous work. Often, clients don’t understand that translators have specific areas of expertise – much like marketing and technical writers – and that hiring someone isn’t as simple as finding someone who can read and write the languages in question.

So what works well? Having excellent references. Demonstrating your understanding of a particular market segment (think med tech, or legal, or software). Exhibiting superior communication skills – after all, a translator is hired to communicate on behalf of a client or company.

I hope my presentation can shed a little light on using today’s web tools. While this presentation has been tailored to the needs of freelance translators, I think many of the strategies and action items are relevant to professional service providers.

Positioning yourself for a job search using the social web

I had the pleasure of presenting at Nefesh B’Nefesh on Tuesday afternoon to a wonderful group of immigrants to Israel – some who came very recently and others who have been here much longer than I have.

My presentation provided ideas and strategy for using web-based tools to compliment traditional methods when you’re searching for a job. It’s my opinion that many of our tried-and-true methods of reaching would-be employers have a web-based corollary.

To be sure, the elements involved take some skill, industry-specific knowledge and time, but I think they can play a role in our job search today.

I finished my presentation with tips to continue your personal branding when you find employment – cataloging achievements and building connections along the way.

You can view the presentation slides here. Nefesh B’Nefesh also videotaped the seminar, and I hope to make that available here on the blog shortly.

An introduction to social media marketing

I was privileged to have the opportunity to present to the Israel Translators Association at their annual general meeting tonight. The attendees were a fabulous, attentive audience that asked excellent questions – it’s always a treat to present to such an intelligent group.

I gave a very short presentation as an introduction to social media marketing. My goal was to explain what it is, how it’s different from traditional and mass marketing approaches, how this particular market can use the variety of tools available and why social media works. The presentation is available below from slideshare.net and I hope you’ll give me your feedback in the comments and share it with anyone who might find the tips useful.

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