Popping the Question: Is Your Audience Engaged?

engagement-social-mediaIn the world of digital marketing, reaching out to fans, followers and connections via social media platforms is a basic, everyday requirement. But how do you measure who is connecting to your shout into the void? The answer is: engagement. [Read more…]

Power to the People – Joanna Lord on the ‘Loyalist Advantage’

This year’s KahenaCon in Jerusalem was an intimate gathering of about 250 marketers, offering some star power from home and abroad, including Eitan Chitayat of Natie, Kate Morris of Distilled and Adam Melson of SEER Interactive.

joanna lord big door marketing kahenacon

Joanna Lord of BigDoor and Ari Nahmani of Kahena Digital Marketing during the Q&A portion of “The Loyalist Advantage” Photo by Netanel Tobias

The keynote featured Joanna Lord, CMO of BigDoor in Seattle, who spoke on “The Loyalist Advantage.” She deftly profiled today’s consumers, and why it’s vital for brands (and marketers) to seize the opportunity to follow their lead and provide content that matches their behavioral changes. [Read more…]

Fight Facebook’s Algorithm Change with Engaging Calls-to-Action

While Google+ is looking very attractive of late to get your content in front of your readers or customers, let’s face it: People love Facebook. They’re loathe to leave their friends-in-the-computer, Facebook’s games, and easier-to-understand privacy settings.

So it’s time to regroup and give your content the best chance for engagement! Let’s review – for Facebook, engagement means:

  • A post or picture receives a like
  • A post or picture is shared by a fan
  • A fan leaves a comment on a post, picture or share

Calculating Your Engagement Rate

Facebook is continually calculating your engagement rate for both the page as a whole, and on a post-by-post basis, with the following formulas:


Your engagement rate for both the page and the content you post factors heavily into how frequently Facebook displays your content to your fans.

When you have content that is interesting to your organization or important to your field or audience, it’s natural to want to share it. But as we’ve seen, Facebook wants your fans to be receptive to it – and act on it!

Buy It Now!

But how can you make people engage with your content? While there’s no magic formula, just asking your fans to continue reading, thinking, looking at pictures or watching a video can be a great first step, and you ask them to come join you by using a “call to action” (CTA).

coke, marketing, call to action

In marketing terms, a CTA directs customers to take a specific action now – to buy, to click, to watch. Even in our savvy modern marketplace, people need a little nudge to take the next step! Directing your Facebook fans to follow through on their initial impression – whether a post is funny or cool or interesting or helpful – will help with your engagement rates and ultimately how much of your content is seen.

The best CTAs are clear, decisive and timely:

  • Clear: Tell viewers what the post will offer them by including a clear value proposition
  • Decisive: Click, download or watch elicit action more often than vague commands such as “learn more” or “see it now.”
  • Timely: Adding an element of urgency to your post improves the chance a viewer clicks now, instead of later … because later often becomes never.

A CTA is just part of a great Facebook post – other elements that will inspire your audience to share your content or links include photos, information teasers (don’t give everything away!), and conversational tone that caters to real people. For the full scoop on how to create a terrific promo for Facebook, check out Jim Belosic’s guest post for Social Media Today.

How to Embed a Doc to Share in Your Facebook Page

Everyone loves Facebook, and with good reason.  The social network has rolled personal networking, content sharing, and business marketing all into one platform.  Facebook fan pages have become a critical component for businesses and organizations to engage and communicate with their communities easily.

Sharing pictures is absurdly easy on Facebook–but what if a company wants to share  a document, PDF, or some other kind of file, on its Facebook page, it becomes more difficult.  Embedding PDF documents in Facebook is not straightforward as there is no native application in Facebook that allows us to do it. However, such a capability is crucial for fan page administrators to disseminate information. [Read more…]

How I Learned to Love Pinterest

Pinterest is a relative newcomer to the social media scene.  It was launched in 2010, and recent estimates put it at 48.7 million unique users.  According to some sources, it is second only to Facebook in driving referral traffic. Many businesses are realizing that it is worth their while to explore Pinterest marketing.

pinterest marketing, pinterest business account, pinterest web analytics, popular pins
I am the first to admit that I didn’t initially understand the lure of Pinterest,  “What’s the big deal, its just a digital bulletin board!”  But I was soon drawn into its beautifully curated world – you can find my pins here. It is like a visual filing cabinet that I use for recipes, decorating ideas, and adorable pictures of tiny animals (don’t judge me). [Read more…]

Demographic Data for LinkedIn Users in Israel

On February 1, I enjoyed watching a PowerPoint presentation on LinkedIn statistics and demographics. You can see how the membership breaks down along age, gender, title and geographic lines. I was a little saddened to see that the Middle East has a much larger presence among men on the network.

From Amodiovalerio Verde’s presentation, you can learn a lot about who’s using LinkedIn worldwide.

linkedin members by gender

What struck me was the image from his presentation – in the Middle East, we’re rather blue. And it got me to thinking, I wonder if Israel, as a separate segment, is the same way?

As a result, we went through and compiled the statistics for Israel alone. There are more than twice as many men as women on LinkedIn that have designated Israel as their location. That said, it would appear that many people do not disclose their gender or age.

The statistics are far from flawless, but at least they give us a peek within the system to see who’s using it.

I hope you enjoy our short demographic look at LinkedIn’s Israeli users. We’d love to hear your feedback.

The numbers are generated using LinkedIn’s advertising platform.

We also hope to do the same statistical reporting for Facebook soon. Enjoy the presentation and feel free to share!

Social media for recruiting and retention – five tips to get you started

I had the pleasure of presenting this morning at the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Directors Conference in Ashkelon, Israel. What a great audience! It’s such a pleasure to have an energetic group that’s as interested in learning and asking questions as I am in teaching and answering them.

I hope I hear from many of the participants again – there’s only so much one can cover in a short presentation, but I know this group has some fabulous opportunities when it comes to marketing themselves online.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about using social media as a tool for recruiting and retaining students, you can view my presentation below.

Facebook and SEO – my presentation from SphinnCon Israel 2011

I had the priviledge of presenting for quite a crowd today as part of the social and search panel at SphinnCon Israel 2011 at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem.

My presentation covered optimizing your Facebook page and website for Facebook search.


[Read more…]

Can a Facebook page replace the need for a website?

facebook fan pages, custom fan page tabs, facebook custom landing tabs, facebook static fbml tabsWe’ve had a large number of requests as of late to build new home bases for our clients on the web. Usually, this means either a new or redesigned website.

Strangely, we’re seeing an increasing number of clients wanting only a customized Facebook page. Having mulled over the pros and cons several times in the past few weeks, I thought it was time to cover those issues here.

Facebook page options:

Facebook pages allow for a great deal of customization using any number of tools, whether it’s a purchased solution like those at HyperArts or Involver or a Static FBML custom tab. Facebook allows page owners to direct visitors to a different tab depending on whether or not they are a fan of the page. Page owners can also “reveal” new tabs and information when users become a fan of the page – another little technique to encourage visitors to convert. [Read more…]

Fall web marketing courses from Pixel/Point Press

Have a website that needs marketing? Need to learn more about social media marketing? Want to know more about how to optimize your site for Google rankings? Would you like to build and manage your own site in WordPress? Join us in October and November to hone your skills on marketing and the web.

Registration is first come, first served – course sizes are limited to ensure enough attention to student questions. All courses are taught in English. For more information or to register, please visit our website or contact us at kelli@pixelpointpress.com.

If you would prefer to host a course for your company or organization onsite or prefer private tutorials, please contact us at kelli@pixelpointpress.com to make arrangements. [Read more…]