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social media, smx israel 2014One of the greatest parts of SMX is the passion. People really love what they do and what they’ve learned – and they come to SMX to share it!

A theme of this year’s conference seemed to be how to develop great content and how to share it, creating legitimate and long-lasting workarounds for the rules and algorithms that Google and Facebook roll out on a regular basis. Serving up your best content – on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ –should be a snap!

Twitter is Fast!

Shari Pilo of Shar-i.com spoke fervently about the power of Twitter.  “Twitter breaks down geographic boundaries,” she said, as she praised the platform’s ability to inspire community and true back-and-forth conversation. Twitter’s speediness allows marketers to react in real-time; Pilo cited Oreo’s quickly assembled and tweeted advertisement during the Super Bowl XLVII power outage as a hugely successful example.

Let Your Facebook Superfans Help You

Laura Ben-David, of the newly launched LBD Creative, spoke about Facebook. She warned against such practices as buying likes, explaining that organic growth on Facebook takes work but pays dividends with “superfans.” Superfans love your brand, and they engage with your content so much the Facebook algorithm is subverted! Superfans see all your posts and bring more people to the brand.

Google+ Is Full of Active, Interested People

Finally, well-known tech evangelist Hillel Fuld took to the stage to explain the enormous benefits of Google+. (We already know that Google+ has many attractions.) He dispelled rumors that engagement doesn’t happen there, citing frequent interaction between content creators and consumers. There are tons of people on Google+, and they’re sharing! Fuld also described Google+ as a democratic place, where people with small circles who write excellent content have a shot at going “psychoviral.”

All three presenters noted that the networks present an easy opening for customer service – Facebook and Google+ through direct contact, and Twitter by searching for keywords.

Which network is your favorite for business marketing and why?

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  1. I’ve found Google+ to be full of interaction, especially if you post to groups that cater towards the subject you’re talking about or linking to.

  2. We’re finding Google+ more and more useful, especially in light of the Facebook algorithm changes. Thanks for your comment!


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